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A hotel’s housekeeping department provides a clean, comfortable and restful stay for all guests. Although housekeepers are invisible to most guests, it’s the housekeeping department to ensure the hotel maintains high standards in cleanliness and puts forth a positive public image. The roles of housekeeping can vary from hotel to hotel, but most have the same housekeeping duties in common.

House Keeping

Housekeeping is the department determines to a large extent whether guests are happy during stay and in turn mankind they return to the hotel. The fine accommodation and service are provided to the guest so they are pleased with the hotel. The guest satisfaction is its primary object and the hygiene factor must always be present in the hotel.



Job opportunities in the Housekeeping department

Executive Housekeeper,

Assistant executive Housekeeper,

Housekeeping manger & asst manger

Floor manger Supervisor,

Head Floor Steward,

Cabin Steward,

Laundry Supervisor, Bell Staff and Cleaner.

Accommodation in hotels tend to be the largest part of the hotel, it is the most revenue generating department, the housekeeping department takes care of all rooms is often largest department in hotels. The rooms in hotels are offered as accommodation to travelers/ guest as individual units of bedroom. Hotel aims to make environment comfortable and offer specialized service to the guest.


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